Adult direct 365 welcomes you

We are glad you found us here at adult direct, and you have found us for a reason. You are looking for something sexy and stimulating to enhance your life either in or out of the bedroom. You have come to the right website then, we have a wide choice of goods from very personal toys that can be used  on a one on one basis to items that can be used with your partner or even others that you may invite into your private life.

Sex toys are more popular now than ever or should we say when they were called marital aids (yes they really were called that, way back in the day), they have advanced so much and so fast. It seems we now demand a lot more for our money more so when it gets to pleasure products.

Adult direct365 does exactly what the domain name says it does, we put you in contact directly with the supplier of the adult toys or pleasure products and most of these are based in China. You will of course see the amazing difference in price compared to your local sex store.

You will save a LOT of money by going direct to the company that makes these toys for the bigger branded companies. The small price you have to pay for saving all this money though is a longer waiting time in getting the goods delivered.

Now for some people that wait is well worth the fact you are saving a lot of money on the price of the goods. For others you may want your goods faster and if that’s the case we do advise you to pay  a lot more for your item, and go to a different online retailer or your local adult store.

Adult direct365 do not stock any products we are merely the gateway for you to find the ideal sex toy or pleasure product you are looking for, we hope you find we have been helpful for you and pointed you in the direction of some great money saving sex toys.

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